In La Saban park
In La Saban park

(QCOSTARICA) They looked pretty smart in their red jackets and dark blue trousers, almost has smart as Canada’s Royal Mounted Police — except that the Mounties have better fitting jackets.

They were celebrating the 25th year of existence Friday, passing in review.

The corps of 67 officers and their 91 steeds are a common sight in parks like La Sabana and Parque de la Paz as well as at festivals and concerts. Nor do they have a great problem with crowd control.

“People view us with affection and respect us,” said officer Roman Contreras, assigned to Santa Cruz in Guanacaste province.

This officer, age 59, has spent 23 of those years in the mounted police. He has found himself often assigned to a park in the capital or some rock concert.

The corps was originally formed to get to rugged areas where wheeled vehicles.

The stables or "Base Montada" is located on the east side of the National Stadium, in La Sabana park
The stables or “Base Montada” is located on the east side of the National Stadium, in La Sabana park

The horses they ride are usually quarter horses, agile horses bred for their even temper originally for herding cattle.

“I grew up in the country with horses and cattle,” officer Alvaro Gomez explained to La Nacion, “I like animals. You treat them with affection and they respond equally.”

Mounted police on regular patrol
Mounted police on regular patrol

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