Coco Connect – Here’s a letter from Country Day School leadership detailing this school year.  It’s good to hear that Guanacaste has an additional private education option.   Best of luck to CDSG in their new venture.


With the first day of school just 4 days away, we at CDSG want to take this opportunity to let the community know that our doors are open and we are looking forward to a fantastic school year!

We have a wonderful group of students returning this year along with many new enrollees. We still have room for growth and are welcoming new students. We are fortunate to have an incredible (and massive!) campus that can easily accommodate all of our existing students and more.

As we grow, we will continue to maintain the small class sizes that we currently enjoy by expanding faculty as needed.  We open our doors this August with the same proven curriculum that has consistently prepared our students for incredible opportunities at prestigious schools around the world.

In some ways this fall is “business-as-usual.”  We have almost all of our outstanding faculty and staff returning from last year and we are excited to welcome a few new faces as well. We had a busy summer preparing for this school year under our new establishment as a non-profit, community-run organization.  The main difference – and this is a huge one – from previous years is that we are now empowered to put in place the changes based on what we, as a community of parents, feel is best for *our* children.  A commitment to deeper integration of Spanish as part of our curriculum is just one area where we, collectively, voiced a need for change and we are acting on it!

The interim Board of Directors has been working on our behalf, and there will be an open election this fall for those of you who would like to become more involved and join that team.  The Board is limited in size, but the process for inclusion is 100% democratic – we vote for the representatives we want, in order to ensure that this team represents all of the voices within our community.

Very soon we will be knee-deep in all of the normal activities of the school year, so we just wanted to take this opportunity — before the books open and the sports teams assemble — to let you all know that we are both excited and grateful.  Excited to do all the things that we know will benefit the next generation of leaders living here in Guanacaste, and grateful to have this amazing opportunity to do it.

Article by Coco Connect

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