At least 28 people were injured this Friday morning after a bus hit the commuter train in the barrio Cuba, in San José.

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The Bomberos reported that the collision, recorded at 6:38 a. m., was lateral and affected patients who traveled on the bus. Approximately 80 people were on the bus, but not all of them required attention.

On the other hand, train passengers did not require attention.

“The train was heading towards Belén and, at the intersection, it is hit by a bus,” said Andrés Céspedes, shift supervisor at the Bomberos.

“28 people were valued, two in the red category (serious), six yellow (delicate) and 20 green (stable)”, mentioned Antonio Gaitán, Chief of Operations of the Cruz Roja (Red Cross), of the 28 people requiring medical attention, two were serious (red), six delicate (yellow) and the rest in stable condition green).

Nicolás Medrano, one of the people who were on the bus, mentioned that the train blew its horn, but the bus was already very close, so the crash could not be avoided.

The collision generated considerable prey near the Numar factory, where the incident occurred.

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