According to police authorities, taxi drivers in Costa Rica have become a favourite target of criminals. And not only are taxis targets of attacks, but also used a trusted “ally” in committing crimes.

159007_taxis_hampa_150213The last act against a taxi occurred Thursday night, when man called 911 reporting that three men were beating on a taxi driver. The call came in at 8:00pm and through the quick action of the police, they had the men in custody.

The driver told police that he was flagged down by the men in Hatillo, was pistol whipped and shoved into the trunk.

Police gave chase and stopped the vehicle in La Sabana, near stadium, exchanging fire wire with the criminals before apprehending them.

Authorities say that taxis are under the watchful eyes of offenders, for several reasons, including at night there are a lot of taxis and can go unnoticed.

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