“Cruce Santa Ana” Now A Rotonda

Photo taken at 1:00pm Tuesday afternoon, November 10.
Photo taken at 1:00pm Tuesday afternoon, November 10.

From TICO BULL – The “Cruce Santa Ana”, the intersection at the Cruz Roja in Santa Ana has undergone is a transformation, now becoming a “rotonda”.

For anyone who had driven through the area will know that it can be a nightmare, traffic coming from the Ruta 27 having to stop for cross traffic, that pays no attention to traffic coming from the west making a left turn.

With no signs and road markings left, new drivers through the area often cause congestion and the near missed crash.

With the change to a rotonda hopefully traffic will move through the intersection with fluidity.

Now we can only hope that the transportation Gods work on the intersection to Salitral (one block west of the new rotonda) and the traffic lights in Rio Oro, where the traffic light is in front of the school (no question there), but like 10 metres shy of the intersection that, add in the mix a bus stop without a bus bay, is the cause of westbound traffic back up every day starting at 5:00pm.

Once you get through Rio Oro, it’s “smooth sailing” to Piedades.

The old road to Santa Ana as it is known became a major traffic problem when the Ruta 27 became a tool road back in 2010, many headed to the western communities of Santa Ana, Mora and Cuidad Colon will use the old road to avoid the ¢160 colones toll.