President Luis Guillermo Solis doing his grocery shopping. Photo taken Friday, Jan. 8, in Los Yoses.

“Cordial” was described President Luis Guillermo Solis while grocery shopping on Friday, according to Nayuribe Vargas, running into the President at a Los Yoses supermarket.

The President took the time to speak to the people, even pose for a picture or two.

“He was only accompanied one body guard and very discreetly. There were a few people in the supermarket, some even took selfies with him,” described Vargas to Telenoticias.

Most were surprised to the President being among them, some foreigners astonished to see him through the aisles of the supermarket and the check out like any everyone else, something they would never see in their home country.

The shopping chore was around 7:00pm and not the first time, though the first time photos were taken and published.

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