Screenshot of the message left behind by hackers of the MTSS website.
Screenshot of the message left behind by hackers of the MTSS website.

QCOSTARICA – Costa Rica may not be a target by terrorists, but not immune to cyber attacks. On Friday, officials of the Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social (MTSS) – Ministry of Labour and Social Security, found their website had been hacked by a group identifying itself ad AnonGhost, leaving behind a message of hatred towards Israel.

This morning (Monday) the, is in ‘maintenance mode’ as techies attempt to restore the website and the 800 Trabajo hotline. A message on the website says the system will be restored on the 15th.

The message was in fluent English, saying “we are the sound of the forgotten people, the freedom fighter in the cyberworld and our main target is Sionisme and isreahell…”

The attack is believed to have occurred sometime Thursday night, for it was Friday morning when MTSS employees were able to take down the message and begin the process of restoring the website.

“If you are asking you your website got hacked by us, we are not looking for fame but we have a goal to achieve we supporte (sic) all hackers teams and we supporte (sic) the freedom movement in the world,” read the message.

MTSS officials rule out any breach of security of the database and other information.

“However, we still have not been able to restore the original appearance of the page. Direct access to the original page was deactivated as a precaution,” said Iris Obando, spokesperson for Ministerio.

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