The Ministra de Salud (Health), Daisy Corrales, tells us that the number of Dengue cases is on the decline, after peaking in week 29 of the year. Since then, the numbers have been steadily falling with only 1.621 cases recorded last week.

448019-dengue-1349588183-441-640x480Despite the decline, 2013 holds the record for the worst year for the amount of people with Dengue, reaching to more than 31.000 cases so far this year.

Institutions working together and prevention efforts are the key combination, according to the central government.

Health officials warn that people should let their guard down, keep the areas around their homes and workplaces clean to avoid mosquito breeding grounds.

Working with Salud are the ministries of Labour, Culture and Education, the IMAS and the AyA, the water and sewer utility.

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