(QCOSTARICA) When added up, all the departures at the country’s airports and land crossings, the total collected for the “exit” or “departure” tax in 2014 was ¢33 billion colones.

The amount is the highest ever recorded since the tax went into effect and 20% higher over 2013, despite a decline in the actually number of “exits”.

The contradiction is explained that there has been a higher number of people leaving by air, which pay US$29, while the exit or departure tax on land crossings is only US$7. The land crossing tax began in 2013.

And while the airport exit tax is still largely paid at the airport counter by each passenger,  the tax must be paid before check in for a flight, there is a transition in process where airlines will be collecting the tax as part of the airfare.

San Jose's Juan Santamaria airport departures level
San Jose’s Juan Santamaria airport departures level

The plan for all airlines service Costa Rica was to have been in place by December 2014, but delays pushed back the start. Currently only eight airlines will including the tax in the airfare:  American Airlines and US Airways starting June 15); Jet Blue from June 22;  Copa from August 1; Avianca, Lacsa, Taca (all operated by Avianca) and Aeroperú from June 30.  Passengers are urged to check with their airline to see if they are collecting the tax or not.

Source: Larepublica.net; Nacion.com

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