The deputy director of the Fuerza Publica (National Police) in San Jose, Ericka Madriz, acted quickly in denouncing three of her officials for corruption with the Ministerio Publico (Attorney General): the officials did not issue a receipt for confiscated property – a box of 300 aerosol deodorants – during a routine police check.


The Tibas delegation of the Fuerza Publica where thre officials worked.

On learning that the deodorants had gone missing when the owner complained to the Tibas delegation, in San Jose, that he never received a confiscation voucher, Madriz immediately called for the whereabouts of the three officials with the surnames Jiménez, Bonilla, and Salas, and ordered to have them brought immediately to the Fiscalia (Prosecutor’s Office) to explain themselves.


“The deputy director of San José, Commander Ericka Madriz, immediately reported the facts and presented the officers to the Ministerio Publico to clarify the matter, it was the same institution that brought them, the institution reiterates zero tolerance for corruption and urges citizens who, in the face of a suspicious event, make the pertinent complaint, because the police service is for the of good citizens,” informed the press chief of the Ministerio Publico, Carlos Hidalgo.

The officers are now suspects of the crime against property, confirmed the Fiscalia.

Source (in Spanish): La Teja

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