Q24N – While Mexican authorities scoured the country for El Chapo, one of the world’s most wanter men in the world, one person did know exactly where to find him … Sean Penn, who spoke to the drug lord in an interview in the days leading up to his arrest.


The online magazine TMZ reports that Penn carried out the interview with El Chapo — believed to be the first he’s done in years — for Rolling Stone magazine. It was published Saturday night.

According to the article, the interview was conducted in an undisclosed location in a Mexican jungle. Penn was surrounded by more than 100 cartel troops. Penn says he went to extreme measures to maintain secrecy while communicating with El Chapo’s people to set the interview up, using burner phones and avoiding contact with federal agents.

Penn’s article also says while he was in prison, El Chapo received a ton of Hollywood offers, causing him to decide to create his own … a plan Mexican authorities said ultimately got him caught.

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The interview lasted for seven hours and topics ranged from Donald Trump to El Chapo’s childhood.

It’s unknown if El Chapo’s contact with Penn is what ultimately led to his capture. But, according to TMZ, El Chapo was busted trying to make his own ‘Narcos‘ remake, the movie that centres around the notorious Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar and the infamous Medellín drug cartel.

In the article published Saturday, TMZ says that Mexico’s special agents got tipped off to El Chapo’s whereabouts after the cartel leader tried making a documentary about his life.

The drug lord reportedly contacted producers to make a “Narcos” style biopic. Mexico’s Attorney General says it was El Chapo’s hunger for more fame that tipped off authorities.

Chapo was returned Friday night to the prison he escaped from 7 months ago, located 2,000 kilometres from the place he was found.

On the bright side … El Chapo will have plenty of time to write a script.

The capture in Mexico confirms that rumours of El Chapo hiding out in Costa Rica were just that, rumours.

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