The social networks are abuzz with a photo published first on Whatsapp, supposedly of a hill full of frost that, in theory, would be the El Chirripo, leading everyone to think that snow fell on Costa Rica’s highest peak at 3,820 meters (12,532 feet).

This photo published on Whatsapp and viral on the social networks is not of Costa Rica. It is of a town in Guatemala, Quetzaltenango where snow is said to have fallen earlier this year.

However, although it has been very cold these last couple of days, due to a cold front that gripped the entire country since Saturday, the photo is fake.

The image was published by (a weather and meteorology website in Guatemala) earlier this year, of a town in Guatemala, Quetzaltenango where snow is said to have fallen.

The Q confirmed with Chirripó National Park authorities that snow did not fall on the country’s highest peak at meters above sea level, a place where temperatures can get near freezing.

In fact, the national weather service, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) ruled out the possibility, since they assure that, although the cold front is still with us, record temperatures have not been reported for an event like this to occur.

“We do not have a report of frost in any part of the country,” said Juan Diego Naranjo, IMN meteorologist.

In addition, Naranjo denied that in the same area of the country temperatures are not below zero degrees, as screenshots on WhatsApp would want to make you believe.

“To begin with, this is not a valid source, I can tell you that in the Chirripó it (temperature) has dropped to 4 Celsius (39 F.) and to drop to -4 Celsius (25 F.)would be a record,” added Naranjo.

Where was the coldest in Costa Rica on Monday?

According to the IMN, maximum temperatures on Monday hovered between 11 and 16 Celsius (52 and 61 F.) and east of the Central Valley (San Jose and Cartago), while in the west between 19 and 24 Celsius (66 and 75 F.).

In the coastal areas and the North Zone temperatures vary between 24 and 28 Celsius (75 and 82 F.).

The award for the lowest temperature recorded on Monday in the country goes to the Turrialba volcano with  2.0 Celsius (36 F.).

At the Irazu volcano (3,432 meters -11.259 feet – above seal level), where temperatures can hover normally at 10/11 Celsius (50/52 F.) on Monday a low of 4 Celsius (39 F.) was recorded. However, “thermal sensation”, that is the temperature one would feel, but not register on the thermometer, was like -4 C (25 F.).

So, don’t believe everthing published on the social networks.

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