Archive photo of Ryan Piercy from an interview in 2007.
Archive photo of Ryan Piercy from an interview in 2007.

QCOSTARIA – The whereabouts of Canadian businessman Ryan Piercy remains a mystery.

Ryan went missing last Tuesday when he police found his car, with the door open, in a coffee plantation in San Miguel de Santo Domingo de Heredia, off Ruta 32. It wasn’t until the following afternoon that the disappearance was made public.

Authorities have their theories. One theory is that Ryan was kidnapped and he is being held for ransom. But police nor the family are saying anything publicly.

The news sources, television, print and online all have the same story. Except one, the Diario Extra.

The Extra last week said that Ryan is in fact being held for ransom and in the amount of US$500.000 dollars (¢272 million colones) and the kidnappers are requesting payment in Bitcoin, made directly and without intermediary.

Today, the Extra, again the exception says that the mystery is now complicated with the disappearance of Alejandro, one of Ryan’s sons, missing for the last three days. See report here.

At Q we reached out to sources close to Ryan’s family and confirmed that Alejandro is in fact not missing.

The source, speaking on the basis of anonymity, told us he spoke to Alejandro this very morning and in fact is well, considering. “It’s all BS what is being said about Alejandro’s disappearance,” said the source.

On the rest, the source told us the family is not talking about what is going on.

“All we have is speculation,” said the source.

These are the facts. Ryan is missing, it’s a week today, Police continuing their investigation and are getting help from the Canadina police.

Anything more than that is all speculation.

Police are asking anyone who any information about the whereabouts of Ryan to call the confidential information line at 800-8000OIJ (800-8000-645).

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