A group of snorkelers were treated to a magical sight during their dive off the waters of Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica – an up-close encounter with a baby humpback whale.

Uploaded to Newsflare, the post says the video footage captured on Monday 22nd at 12:00 pm by one of the snorklers just inside the Playas del Coco bay, that shows the baby whale swimming incredibly close to the group.


“We never saw the mother or the escorts but I can assure you that they were there… close by and keeping an eye on that youngster. In all the twenty years that I have been diving in the Costa Rica Gulf of Papagayo, I have never had this sort of experience before…BLESSED!

“I saw into the eye of a whale and he looked deep into my soul and I was blessed! I still can’t believe the experience we all had. Here is the video of the young humpback whale approaching our diver to have a better look and Rob actually … gently pushed it away. He said it was really soft,” was Bob’s experience.

The short clip shows the baby whale approaching the snorkelers, surfacing a few times and even allowing one member of the group to gently touch the creature.


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