Though it doesn't get cold enough for this in Costa Rica, the December chill can feel like it.
Though it doesn’t get cold enough for this in Costa Rica, doctors suggest cover the nose and chest during  the December chill. Photo:

QCOSTARICA – For visitors from the temperate zone, San Jose late autumn and winter weather is chilly but not really cold, but for residents, medics here suggest those attending Christmas season events in the evening like the Festival de la Luz tonight (Saturday) cover their chests, noses and mouths with something to keep out the chill air.

Nearly all Costa Ricans are vulnerable for respiratory ailments when breathing the air here, right down to the bronchial tubes. They also suggest gloves and jackets to maintain body temperatures of 36 to 37 degrees (Celsius). These items of apparel are not usually at the forefront of the closet.

Doctors suggest that North American and Europeans visiting here with overcoats are not so weird after all and also that residents should try to avoid drastic changes of temperature — not so easy coming in from a chilly evening breeze into a warm home, for example.

Children and the aged are most vulnerable to respiratory ills and kids are especially susceptible to respiratory illness–and are the most impatient with parental admonitions to cover their mouths and noses. Contagion is always a problem with the latter and medics suggest frequent hand washings.

The older a person is, the more important to keep warm, which maintains blood pressure in normal ranges, avoiding heart attacks and strokes.

The Weather Bureau notes that average temperatures for December are 14 degrees Celsius for Cartago and 15 degrees for San Jose.

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