dolar-tipo_de_cambio-devaluacion-banco_central-BCCR_ELFIMA20140205_0008_3The dollar exchange rose ¢4.91 colones in the wholesale markets by noon today, this over Friday’s close in the Monex, accordint to the Banco Cental de Costa Rica (BCCR) – the Central Bank.

At the state banks, the dollar is trading ¢5 colones over Friday, while at some private banks, like Scotiabank ¢10 colones.

At the Banco de Costa Rica and the Banco Nacional, the dollar exchange at 10am was ¢531 for the buy and ¢545 for the sell. At Scotiabank the buy was at 10:14am, ¢535 for the buy and ¢550 for sell. At Citibank, Davivienda and BAC San José it was sligtly lower. See chart below by the BCCR.

The dollar exchange is maintaining an upward trend. Last week the exchange rose ¢12 colones.


FireShot Screen Capture #064 - 'Tipo de cambio anunciado en ventanilla' - indicadoreseconomicos_bccr_fi_cr_IndicadoresEconomicos_Cuadros_frmConsultaTCVentanilla_aspx

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