COSTA RICA MONEY – The dollar exchange rate maintained almost unchanged all week, compared with up and down movements of last week. As at this morning the buy for US$1 is ¢531.97  and the sell ¢542.67, a difference of only a few tenths of a colon from Monday‘s ¢531.93  and the sell ¢542.64.

At the MONEX (Mercado de monedas extranjeras) foreign exchange, the minimum bid was ¢535 and maximum ¢541b for one US dollar, with a trading volume of US$12.7 million dollars.

The Central Bank (Banco Central) reports selling US$45 million dollars to the public non-banking sector over the last five days, with the largest single day sale of US$16 million on Wednesday.

Last week, however, the Central Bank reported buying up US$18 million dollars.

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