For two days, on Friday May 31 and Saturday June 1, volunteers will take to the streets of Costa Rica in collection of funds to continue the TECHO program for temporary housing programs for people in extreme poverty.

The “Un rojo por un techo” also offers training programs for the poor.

TECHO is an organization operating in Latin America and the Caribbean, seeking to overcome poverty of thousands of people living in slums, though joint action of its residents and volunteers.

TEHCO says it is convinced that poverty is a condition surmountable and therefore can be ended. For the organization it is a problem of many dimensions that go beyond the economic and is also manifested in the violation of fundamental rights and human dignity, in the inability to meet basic needs in limiting freedom, lack of opportunities and exclusion within the spaces of participation and decision making in civil, social, cultural and political.

Although we see the volunteers in the streets collecting donations from time to time, the work of TECHO is all year round commitment.

Do you part, donate a ROJO on the street or visit the TECHO website or their Facebook page.

Photos for last year.

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