cars-cosraricaQCOSTARICA – If you are like one of the many, the ‘fiscal’ (tax) value of your vehicle has increased or feel that it is too high, you can file for a reduction.

Although the review is made in San Jose, the request can be filed at any Ministerio de Hacienda (Ministry of Finance) office across the country.

Click here to consult your vehicle’s tax value and 2016 marchamo.

According to the tax people, the taxpayer is required to provide the following:

  • A written copy of the complaint (in Spanish)
  • Original and copy of identification. In the case of a corporation, the company representative.
  • photocopy and original of the ownership
  • Copy of the most recent marchamo
  • Quotes from several car dealerships, car lots, sales ads in newspapers or internet websites of the same or similar vehicle.
  • Optional: photo of vehicle

If the review is in favour of the vehicle owner, Hacienda will propose an agreement to compensate for the difference, ie it can reduce the current or future amount of the payment.

Although a reduction in the fiscal value may be too late for this year, in that Hacienda may not apply it to the current marchamo payable, it will mean a reduction in the following year and the future.

According to a reader of the Q who recently went through the process – and got a reduction – the process is straightforward and quick: got a reply in several days.

In this case, the reader had purchased the 2012 vehicle used from a recognizable dealer, went back for a quote and got the reduction.

According to the Ministry of Finance, since 2012 they have been making a revision of the tax value of vehicles, resulting each year in increases in a number of cases.

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