QCostarica doesn’t normally report on traffic accidents, even when drunk drivers are involved, for there are just too many and is a daily occurrence. But, this story deserves a mention.

Despite the tough new traffic laws and the threat of going to jail, in addition to losing the drivers license, many still get behind the wheel after throwing back a few. Or many.

And many with their loved ones in the vehicle, like the case of a drunk driver accident over the weekend in Sagrada Familia (San José).

The driver of the small van, which witnesses say and confirmed by the Policia de Tránsito (traffic police) was drunk behind the wheel, crashed into a light post.

In the van were five people – all related  – including a young girl who, to top it all off, was sitting in the front seat on the lap of a woman believed to be her mother.

The Cruz Roja say they had to attend to 10 people: five in the van, five others outside the van.

And for the froth on the brew, the traffic police had to fight off some of the area residents confronting the officials in their act to take the drunk driver to jail.

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