Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (left) and Eden Pastora (right)
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (left) and Eden Pastora (right)

QCOSTARICA – His words never miss their mark against Costa Rica, “Costa Rica is afraid … we will have more dredgers in the San Juan in a month”, said Eden Pastora, Comandante Cero and the right-hand man of Nicaragua President, Daniel Ortega, in the Isla Calero situation.

“Since the order of the ICJ to Nicaragua a year ago, we have repaired and will repair. The ICJ has confirmed it, what I’m seeing is that the government of Costa Rica is afraid and am sure the ICJ will rule in our favour … there is not reason for a scandal, mud-slinging, when the Court finally rules,” Pastora told over the telephone from Nicaragua.

The former guerilla leader said he is confident that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will rule in favour of Nicaragua on the four-year old dispute between the two countries; a case of Nicaragua’s alleged invasion of Costa Rica, in the area of Isla Calero, a stretch of land at the mouth of the San Juan river, in the Caribbean coast.

“We are peacefully and quietly waiting the ICJ ruiling,” says Pastora.

Costa Rica, this week, began repair work of the alleged environemntal damage by the canal dredged by Nicaragua, led by Pastora.

Foreign Minister, Manuel González, says Costa Rica is performing the work on the permission of the ICJ.

Defending his role in the political dispute, Pastora says he takes his orders direct from his commander and chief, Daniel Ortega. “Orders are given by ‘commander’ Ortega, who is aware of what is being done and the person who is responsible for providing the dredges”.

“We are not afraid, we make no fuss and we’re in peace. We are confident that we will win this trial (…) for the last four years we have been cleaning the river, if I have to take two years more I will do under orders from President Daniel Ortega Saavedra. We’re not hurting Costa Rica,” said Pastora.

The ICJ resolution of the process that was started by the Chinchilla Miranda (2010-2014) administration, is expected this month (April 2015).

The San Juan river forms part of the Gran Canal de Nicaragua (Nicaragua Canal),  a shipping route under construction through Nicaragua to connect the Caribbean Sea (and therefore the Atlantic Ocean) with the Pacific Ocean.


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