On Tuesday night, the Teletica program “Las paredes oyen” (The walls are listening) got hot, the television station flooded with hundres of comments and the same thing with the official social profiles of the program’s host, Edgar Silva.

The reason? Silva had as is guest doña Nubia, a sex worker.

The comments asked the station and the program host why they would have invited such an “unknown face” on the show. On his Instagram account, Silva explained, “”When I decided to do the talk show, the premise was to seek out and help to tell people their life stories, so that others not only find out what they are like, but first of all, so that we UNDERSTAND why they are like that”.

Silva said that the interviews do not seek to convince anyone, but they do have the purpose of giving people the opportunity to explain something that we have said or done and that deserves to be understood by others.

“It is difficult for me to understand the reaction the interview with Dona Nubia has generated. Silva added that people can opine, but with respect, without judgement or critizing.

Doña Nubia aired part of her life as a sex worker on the program. She told how she entered that world, the way she told her family and son. In addition to the guilt she once felt.

Doña Nubia was candid, “yes, one enjoys it. Do we have an orgasm? Yes, we do. But, I can’t say always…sometimes we meet up with clients who make us feel good, treat us well, so, yes we have orgasms, yes we feel pleasure as a sex worker”.

The former sex worker added that it can also be a living hell, not enjoy it (the work), sometimes for years without pleasure.

The interview caused a powder keg of comments on social networks.


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