Their intention was to arrive back in San Jose in time to vote after a few days of fun in the sun in Guanacaste. But a problem with the radiator hose of their vehicle prevented the eight members of the Vargas Bolaños family from doing so.

With car problems the 8 members of the Vargas Bolaños never got to vote. Foto: Rafael Pacheco

The family from San Pablo de Heredia left Santa Cruz de Guanacaste at 9 a.m. and was going well until a few hours in their trip that their minivan began to experience problems. They reached the area of Rio Segunda de Alajuela, on the Ruta 27, when it completely broke down.

“The radiator hose burst,” said Ana Lucrecia Vargas. “I thought we would be on time, what happens is that ‘diay’, an unforeseen at any time is given, yes, I was excited to vote, more because I worked in the Court,” the Herediana lamented.

Fluid transit

Although the reversibility on route 27 (San José-Caldera) ended at 3 p.m. on Sunday, traffic on the road back from the coast remains fluid. In fact, there weren’t many cars on the road, the majority returning to the city on Saturday.

The traffic police reported similar conditions on the Ruta 34 (Costanera Sur), with some traffic congestion from Jacó to Pozón (Orotina),  but by the afternoon there were few cars.

The same on the Interamericana Norte, Ruta 1.

On all routes, the traffic police maintained their vigilance, focused mainly on controlling speed and ensuring that voters go to vote on time.

Source (in Spanish): La Nacion

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