El Salvador: Warning of Imperial Offensive in Latin America
El Salvador: Warning of Imperial Offensive in Latin America

(Prensa Latina) The ambassador of Nicaragua, Gilda Bolt, the Venezuelan diplomat Antonio Núñez and Cuban analyst Roberto Regalado, today delivered a presentation on ”the imperial offensive” at the Sixth Congress of the Salvadoran Movement of Solidarity with Cuba.

At the meeting, held yesterday in the city of San Miguel, they warned about the US plan in complicity with national oligarchies to overthrow the progressive processes in Latin America.
They emphasized that this is a continental plan, through new ways to overthrow governments like the so-called soft coups, in order to recover the lost space to the forces of the left wing.

The diplomat Bolt explained that the recent decision of the US government to sanction economically the Nicaraguan population means that this country cannot access to loans from multilateral organizations, unless we act in ‘a process of democracy’.

‘Which is obviously the democracy the United States want us to have, it is democracy that is not ours in our process and we will go to elections on November 6th and we will win’, she stressed.

Meanwhile, Núñez said Venezuela remains the subject of a fierce campaign of aggression from within the country and from outside with evident US interference.

Regalado presented a journey for the historical development of Cuba and the region, the struggles and strength of the Cuban Revolution against the colonization purposes by power groups and US.

He said that in Latin America there is positions war between the US imperialism and its allies from the right wing and the popular movements and the leftist political forces.

In addition, the deputy Nidia Díaz, secretary of International Relations of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN, in Spanish), warned about the interests of the reactionary right wing looking to overthrow the President Salvador Sanchez Ceren before the end of his mandate in 2019.

However, she noted that the FMLN works in an articulated manner to defend the achievements of this party both socially and politically, after two consecutive periods in the Executive.

In the Congress participated representatives Solidarity Movement with Cuba of the 14 departments in the country, deputies and mayors from the FMLN, professionals graduated in Cuba, Cuban residents in this nation and members of the Friendship Association Honduras-Cuba, among other.

Also, the general secretary of the FMLN, Medardo González, the Cuban Ambassador Iliana Fonseca, the mayor of the municipality Miguel Pereira, and the representative of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP, in Spanish) Roberto César Hamilton.

Unanimously, the members of the Movement adopted the Declaration of San Miguel in which they propose, among other things, to conduct a Central American Meeting on Cuba in July 2017, convening all the solidarity in the region.

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