(QCOSTARICA) On February 14, 2017 a pilot project will start that will connect six previously selected major companies to a digital billing system that will be operated by the Treasury.

Publication of the resolution in the official newspaper, La Gaceta, establishes the method for starting implementation of an electronic invoicing system, from February 2017, two years after the original planned start date. See resolution  DGT-R-48.  Authorization for the use of electronic invoicing and associated electronic documents. 

In addition, publication was also made of the criteria for gradual selection of taxpayers last November 3 in La Gaceta.

“…These documents define the characteristics of the document, the form of delivery, validity, mandatory use and the criteria used by the Treasury to select blocks of taxpayers who will be required to issue electronic documents.”

La Nacion reports that “…According to Karla Salas, director of Tax Intelligence, from December 15 notification will be given to taxpayers selected based on those criteria, but anyone obliged to pay tax who is ready can apply to be part of the pilot scheme by emailing fe@hacienda.go.cr.”

Source: CentralAmericaData.com; Nacion.com

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