COSTA RICA BLOG – It is just amazing the amount of sad, tragic even disgusting news that has perforated the global media this last week.

I really do care, but I am at the point perhaps for personal health I should not. And you readers as well.

We have our little piece of land and it is amazingly awash with scandal, corruption as well as violent crime. The new government is under a microscope which to date is little more than moving the chess pieces to forge a yet defined future.

This is nothing, nothing at all.

I argue that like some of the more Nordic countries we must soon become our own leaders and do whatever is possible to control our own destiny. The world is far too small to let Costa Rica breath all by itself but like the little fabled “Engine That Could”, at least try.

Readers, please peruse the news, the editorials and if need be, make some kind of Google Translation. Then decide our fate, our venerable future.

“Hate” permeates most of the globe, not just in the ISIS Islamic militants but even in Ferguson, Missouri, the Ukraine, Libya, Iraq the religious attack and ultimate child abuse of Amish children in Ohio and remember that right here at home we have a government divided which is dangerous and could easily lead to an economic, possibly vis a vis a violent socio/economic collapse.

From the moment he took the oath as president the racist pundits came forth and declared Obama a banana eating liberal, a foreigner who should never have been elected president, a man who would defile the United States of America. Exactly like Costa Rica who defiled a female president, who managed to disenfranchise Limon and the creed to “manifest poverty.” This Limon is the heart of the Caribe and whose poverty is isolated not because of anything other than the color of their skin.

If you make the choice to live in Costa Rica, come in peace. Be prepared for a myriad of laws and regulations that have been developed over the years to protect the rights of skin color and the poor but more so to protect the wealthy.

True, for a “white with money” there are avenues to make a short cut. But also true are lesser avenues for being white and nothing else. However, if being dark in skin color, like a Nicaraguan you might just accept the reality that you are guilty until proven innocent.

Sounds like the United States?

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