Epsy Campbell has hired Giovanni Bulgarelli, creator of the “El Menos Malo” (Least Bad) political campaign in the 2010 presidential elections. Bulgarelli also created the “Sí al TLC” campaign in 2007 and “lás máscaras de Ottón Solís en el 2006” (the mask of Otton Solis), among others

According to Campbell, jointly with Bulgarelli, the Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC) leadership candidate aims to build a strong message to take to the public in her bid to take the party leadership and the presidential chair in 2014.

The publicity campaign will include all media, which strategy is now being developed.

According to Bulgarelli the message will be strong, similar to his other campaigns.

Bulgarelli ran the campaign for Johnny Araya in his PLN party leadership bid he lost to Laura Chinchilla in 2008. The “Menos Malo” campaign was for the failed PUSC party presidential bid by Luis Fishman in 2010.

Bulgarelli appears to cross party lines, working at one or another for all three of Costa Rica’s major political parties.

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