COSTA RICA NEWS (Prensa Latina) Five women are victims of rape or attempted rape in Costa Rica, Judicial Planning Office’s Statistics Department reported.

According to the source, the reports of the crimes increased from 2011 to 2013 and now the number stands at 46,645.

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[/su_pullquote]These number show that women are reporting to the authorities more frequently, since last year out of the 14 231 people who filed a domestic violence complaint, 11 133 were women and only 2 898 were men.

The numbers reveal that violence against women is something that happens daily and , unfortunately, is part of our society,  Alejandra Mora, director of the Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres (INAMU), told

Everyday crimes are being committed against women in the country and most of these crimes remain unpunished as many people tolerate and justify them, said INAMU when calling for a march to protest against the problem.

Mora added that the demonstration intended to show that women are the main victims of child sexual abuse, forced teenage pregnancies, sexual harassment, rape, human trafficking and sex slavery.

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