The new quay under construction at the Puerto de Caldera. | Photo: Rafael Pacheco

COSTA RICA NEWS – The Puerto de Caldera (Port of Caldera), in Puntarenas, is almost ready to debut its new multipurpose quay for unloading grain. The structure will increase the number of ships that can dock at the same time, from only three ships today.

The project, at a cost of US$34 million dollars, is under the control of the Sociedad Portuaria de Caldera (a Colombian company), that has had the concession for the last seven years.

New crane will double the unloading process.
New crane will double the unloading process.

Among the products that handled at the Caldera port are corn, soy, part of the annual 2.5 million tons of grains and cereals. The Caldera also receives products such as sodium carbonate, gypsum and coke (a type of coal).

Carlos Segnini, ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT) – Minister of Public Works and Transportation – said there is a commitment to finish the work in order to commence additional work to improve port operations.

The minister said that once the new dock is operations, work will commence on the installation of a new unloading crane.

The crane, which arrived in the country last week and at a cost of ¢3 billion colones, is expected to double the speed of the vessel crane.

Emilio Vargas, spokesperson for the port, said “the crane coupled with the new dock will allow us to increase the port’s capacity. This means less waiting for ships and a reduction in operating costs.”


Caldera is the main point of import and export of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  A number of cruiserliners also dock at Caldera.

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