11061659_621929167950585_821240677840825496_nQCOSTARICA – Thousands left pessimism at the door of the Expomovil 2015, as more than 6.000 people in the first two days wandered around the venue with high expectation of buying a new car.

According to Banco de Costa Ria (BCR), in the first 48 hours, some 2.000 consumers applied for loans of some ¢1 billion colones.

At the BAC San José, they report firming up 250 car loans. Rigoberto Penaranda, head of credit at the BAC, said the number is the highest ever obtained by the bank in the four years of its presence at Expomovil.

“There are fewer people than in previous years, but more decided to buy,” said Penaranda.

Allan Sime, marketing director at Purdy Motor Costa Rica, the Toyota and Diahatsu dealer, called the start of the event as the best selling of all Expomovils to date.

Sime added that company policy does not allow him to divulge sales figures.

Financing seems to be the motivating factor for buyers, such as thee BCR offering a 9% three year fixed rate. The BAC says it also offers two and three year fixed rates.

The annual fair opened on Thursday and runs until March 15, at the Pedegral Events Centre in Belén, Heredia.

Entrance is ¢3.000 colones, children under 12 free. Hours are Monday to Thursday 11am to 9pm, Fridays 11am to 10pm, Saturdays 10am to 10pm and Sundays 11am to 7pm.

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