TODAY COLOMBIA | Canada’s much-ballyhooed push to expand its export markets has focused attention on developing nations — in particular increased investments in South and Central America.


Export Development Canada (EDC), the federal agency that provides trade financing and insurance for companies attempting to expand or break into new markets, is increasing its presence in Colombia.

On Wednesday, Ottawa-based EDC opened an office in Bogota to expand its presence in Colombia’s Andean region to help Canadian businesses tap into an expected boom in infrastructure projects.

“The capital-intensive demands of large infrastructure projects present a number of opportunities for EDC to bring its significant financing capacity to the region, to the benefit of Canadian companies operating there,” said Rajesh Sharma, senior vice-president for international business development at EDC.

The office in Bogota will help Canadian firms “link into the supply chains of upcoming infrastructure, oil and gas, and mining project opportunities,” Mr. Sharma said.

“Canada’s expertise in smart grids in the power sector, clean technologies and cost-efficient supply for the oil and gas sector could spur greater trade, given the natural match between what Colombia wants and what Canada is very good at providing.”

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