With the election two weeks away, if the voting took place today Fabricio Alvarado of the Partido Restauración Nacional (PRN) would be elected the new president of Costa Rica.

With two weeks to voting, Fabricio Alvarado leads in the polls

According to the latest poll by Opol Consultores published Friday, Fabricio has a 13.8 point lead over his opponent, Carlos Alvarado – no relation – of the Partido Accion Cuidadana (PAC).

The Opol poll took in the responses of 3,300 people between March 12 and 16. The margin of error is 1.7%.

A week ago, the evangelical candidate had 10.4 percentage points more than his rival, so the advance is significant.

According to Opol Consultores, Fabricio Alvarado has 56.9% of the decided vote, while Carlos Alvarado 43.1%.

However, when taking into account all voters – decided, non-decided and electors who will not vote –  the numbers look a little different: Fabricio’s lead over Carlos is only 8.8 percentage points.

The Opol poll reveals that among all voters:

  • 36.5% would vote for Fabricio
  • 27.7% for Carlos
  • 13.6% are undecided
  • 22.2% will not be voting

Thus, voters would go to the polls with reservations, since the undecided could change the outlook in the final voting that takes place on Sunday, April 1.

The newly elected president takes office at noon on May 8, when Luis Guillermo Solis of the PAC steps down, ending his 4-year mandate.

Source (in Spanish): La Republica

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