He would have been president, today he is without a party. Tomorrow he will have a new one. Fabricio Alvarado, presidential candidate in 2018, announced Tuesday his resignation from the Partido Restauración Nacional (PRN), a party he claims it does not welcome him, to form a new party, Partido Nueva República (PNR) – New Republic.

Joining Alvarado were seven legislators –  Ivonne Acuña Cabrera, Jonathan Prendas Rodríguez, Carmen Chan Mora, Ignacio Alpiza Castro, Harllam Hoepelman Páez, Floria Segreda Sagot and Marulin Azofeifa Trejos – who also quit the PRN legislative block to join the new party that aims to take elect a president in 2022.

Through his official Facebook page Fabricio Alvarado announced the news and launched strong statements against the PRN.

“I’m leaving because I can not be in a political party where I’m not welcome, a party where I had the intention to contribute, add and grow, but whose leadership misunderstood and saw it as a threat to their interests, a party where their leadership falsely accuses its members and it hurts people who worked with a strong will and an iron conviction” said the former presidential candidate and journalist.

Fabricio assures that he leaves the party in peace.

“I will not surrender and I will continue working for Costa Rica, with courage and without greed or selfishness, I decided to found a new political movement that represents the ideals of the thousands of Costa Ricans who struggle to solve their problems, asking everyone to help, to all that one day they believed, we invite them to continue marching to bring back values and productivity,” he said.

Fabricio also launched strong criticisms against the corrupt and mentioned that he will not let them steal more from Costa Ricans.

“I am leaving and leave behind a political party whose members will have to ask for an accounting on the administration more than ¢3 billion colones left for the disposition of the party. Everything will come to light,” he said.

“We will build a new patriotic movement, people who are not married to a political party but a dream, the dream that we will become again the Switzerland of Central America,” he concluded.

In the 2018 presidential election, Fabricio Alvarado ran neck-in-neck with rival Carlos Alvarado (no relation), forcing a run-off section election, losing in the final vote.

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