The long lines to catch a bus back to San Jose
The long lines to catch a bus back to San Jose

(qCOSTARICA) Another “romeria” has come and gone. So much has been written about the getting there, little is known about getting back.

What are some of the challenges facing “romeros”? Is the return trip home planned out or left to chance?

And the cold. Cartago has a different climate, much cooler. At night you can say cold.

Romeria-cronicaAfter enduring the physical activity of walking, reaching the Basilica, unless arrangements were made to get picked up, the only way back to the capital (San Jose) is public transportation – the bus or train. Or  at the mercy of anything that moves away from Cartago.

No longer do we see the face of romeros, bnow strewn on sidewalks or other places to rest. Tired.

The getting there reminds the romeros the greatness of spirit, while the return reproaches the limitations of the flesh. Faith can move mountains, but moutains don’t walk back.


For the Lumaca company, the authorized concessionaire for the San Jose – Cartago route, August 1 and 2 is day of fortune. Every five minuts a bus leaves Cartago full of paying passangers. The commuter train (a public institution) helps out.

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