Driving today with the 2013 Marchamo will set you back ¢47.000 colones, the fines that will be issued by the Policia de Transito.

As of close of business on Monday, the INS says 210.302 vehicles did not have their Marchamo paid. This number includes vehicles that have been taken off the road but have not been unregistered with the national property registry.

In a scurry to avoid the fines, a total of 24.583 paid up on Monday, bringing the total number of Marchamos for 2013 to 919.698.000.

Every registered vehicle must have its Marchamo paid to circulate on public roads. To obtain the Marchamo, the vehicle must have its vehicular inspection (Riteve) current.

Owners of vehicles without the Riteve face an additional fine for not having the inspection certificate. And the traffic police, as is customary during the first days and weeks of the new year, will be having an eye on vehicles with the respective certificates.

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