The reasons behind same-sex couples wanting to “legalize” their relationships are varied. For one couple, Fiorella Bruno(39), and Ana Cristina Binda (34), it is simply to protect their child.

See Video as the couple explain their decision to legalize their same-sex union

Fiorella and Ana Cristina is one six couples seeking to legalize their union, made possible by a reform in the Ley de Persona Joven, that went into effect this past Monday.

The couple are demanding the same civil rights of heterosexual couples.

Both women fear that, not having their union legally recognized, their child suffers the consequences, for example, not being able to obtain insurance coverage and not having an inheritance.

Fiorella and Ana have been living together as a couple for the past 10 years and the last seven parents to Luca.

They say they are completely honest with their child and that he understands well that his family consists of two moms.

Source: Amelia Rueda

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