COSTA RICA NEWS – Discussions of what procedures to apply in the possible firing of Judge Oscar Gonzalez were finally laid to rest in a familiar delaying tactic — the 53 legislators attending the session at the Legislative Assembly voted unanimously to have a committee study the affair and made a recommendation.

oscar-gonzalesJudge Gonazalez is accused of raping his assistant, Priscila Quiros, an alleged six times and one attempted rape. It is alleged by prosecutors that Quiros had a romantic relationship with the Judge before but that it had ended. But some legislators wanted the time for the groups deliberations limited.

Legislators Patricia Mora of the Frente Amplio and Epsy Cambell and Emilia Molina  of the Partido Accción Cuidadana (PAC) are worried that if some delay occurs in the committee that Judge Gonzalez could enjoy impunity to a serious charge. But removing a judge is a serious move, argued Gerardo Vargas (Broad Front) and Mario Redondo (Alianza Democratica.)

Partido Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC) legislator Rafael Ortiz warned that Gonzalez was set to retire next August which adds more urgency to a quick decision. PUSC legislator Jorge Rodriguez scoffed that the Court merely asked the legislature to rule on whether to fire the judge and not to study the case in committee.

The Legislators are charged with the task of recommending to the court whether a judge should be fired. Gonzalez’s pension is at stake. But that is not the only bone of contention.

Chief of the Frenta Amplio party legislative bench Gerardo Vargas and Mario Redondo of the Alianza Democratica  took sternly to task legislators of the previous term, charging that they had frittered away six months while not making a decision.

According to the Legislature president Mora, the Constitutional Court allows the Legislature to debate a rape by a judge in secret session.

Article by with editing by QCostarica

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