(Prensa Latina) Specialists today highlighted the successful heart transplant performed at a Panamanian woman of 51 years old, the first in this country, and whose evolution is stable so far.

Medical and paramedical staff of the Social Security Fund (CSS) and from the Punta Pacifica Hospital participated in the operation that took five hours and was performed in the surgery room of the aforementioned institution, located in a downtown neighborhood.

The fact that has happened last Friday, remained in complete discretion and without access to the press, that could hear the event for a short message on social networks and only 24 hours after the authors of the operation published the details, but they keep the patient’s identity in anonymity.

Themistocles Diaz Lezcano, the CSS cardiologist who treated the disease for 11 years, told reporters that he previously was implanted a special pacemaker to improve their dilated heart complain.

Later had a traffic accident that caused the removal of the electrical connections of the appliance, and could not be re-positioned in a new surgical operation, so that the transplant was the only option, said the doctor.

On the process of recovery, the doctor Jose Nativi-Nicolau, said it will take from four to eight weeks, during which ‘the patient must not only recover from the surgery, but also the heart failure she was suffering, ” noted the doctor.

In brief meeting with the press, Estivenson Giron, general director of the CSS, said that the donor was a young man, and made a call to the community to encourage organs donation.

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