Participants of the First Women's Hacakaton of Costa Rica  in San Carlos
Participants of the First Women’s Hacakaton of Costa Rica in San Carlos Photo By: Melissa Hernandez

COSTA RICA NEWS – Forty two women engineers and techs on Saturday began a race against time challenging their wits in the Primer Hackatón Femenino de Costa Rica (First Women’s Hacakaton), being held at the Intituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) in Santa Clara, San Carlos.

The participants, divided into eight teams, are asked to develop a strategy to solve the problems of the northern part of the country, during the 36 hours that ends today (Sunday) at 3:00PM.

The solutions, a prototype of their creation, should have a clear social vocation: reviving the economy of the northern zone, providing information on consumer rights, tracking teenage mothers, improving education for people with intellectual disablities and facilitating business registration for women entrepreneurs. The awards will be presented on September 19.

The event was organized by the cooperative Sulá Batsu, that aims to bring women into the engineering and information science field that is traditionally dominated by men.

“You are here to demonstrate that technology and innovation is female”, said Otto Rivera, director of the Cámara de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (Camtic) – Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies.

Source: Ahora

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