Rainfall in Panama has caused flooding in several residential areas
Cortesía Mercado y Tendencias

In sectors such as La Gallinaza and Pedregal, some ravines have overflowed. People do their best to save their belongings. In Las Acacias, cars could not circulate in the streets.

In a statement from the National Civil Protection System states that work in the affected areas will continue. In addition, officials are evaluating risk zones and maintaining contingency plans. “Humanitarian assistance has been delivered in 15 communities out of the 23 that were affected by the rains,” the statement said.

José Donderis, the director of Sinaproc, thanked the efforts of the Joint Task Force units who have been working more than 72 hours.

In conjunction with Sinaproc, the Office of the First Lady, distributed mattresses, hot food and bottled water to those affected.

During the storm, two minors were reported missing in the Kuna Nega river, just outside the Panamanian capital. The corpses of both children have already been found. Local media have identified the missing children as brothers Juan and Robin Cárdenas, 13 and 15, respectively.

A third person was reported missing in Chiriquí. Is a young man of 17 years old, who got lost Sunday in the beach Estero Rico de Bugaba. Authorities continue to search.

The head of the agency has already indicated that the rainfall registered in recent days are typical of the time and has called for calm to the population.

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