Canadians Brigitee Racnourt and Matthieu Seguin called the sinking of the Pura Vida Princess Thursday morning like the sinking of the Titanic. Photo: La Nacio, Graciela Solis

QCOSTARICA – The Canadian couple on their first visit to Costa Rica, Brigitte Rancourt and Matthieu Seguin, said the sinking of the catamaran Thursday morning was like the Titanic.

The two, in soaked clothes and barefoot, because they had lost their sandals in the sea, spoke about the ordeal to La Nacion.

According to their account, the boat began to sink and turned sideways in the six feet (2 metre) waves. The gravity was stronger than the fingers of the passengers clinging to the railing, until falling into the water.

“In the strong wind and waves we were told to put on the vest and they moved us up to the high point. The boat began to sway and began to sink. Many fell over, others clung to the railing.

“When the boat rose, we all jumped. We were floating with a piece of plastic from the boat for 45 minutes. We were all together.

“The crew was very good; told us what to do where to swim. We were helping. First came a fishing boat, another commercial (boat) and then several small boats,” Brigitte said.


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