SOUTH AMERICA NEWS — La Paz (Prensa Latina) Gross foreign direct investment (FDI) grew 12.4 percent in the first half of this year against the same period next year, according to Bolivia”s Central Bank

On its latest report on the Balance of Payments and International Investment Ranking, the BCB said that in the first six months of 1913 the country received 1.21 billion USD in foreign investment, a figure that rose to 1.148 billion in 2014.

foreign-investment-550Two thirds of the amount were allocated to the hydrocarbon sector while the industry got 15.6 percent and mining 11.2 percent.

The gross foreign direct investmen reaches 3.3 percent of the Gross Domestic Product estimated by Bolivia for this year, which exceeds 34 billion USD.

However, the net FDI fell by 1.3 percent from 863 million USD to 852 million USD, also taking as reference the first six months of 2014 against the same period of 2013.

In 2006, when President Evo Morales took office, the net FDI barely reached 278 million USD, and seven years later, in 2013, it reached 1.750 billion USD, according to figures released by the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance.

The net FDI is the result of the gross FDI minus disinvestment.

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