The Nicaragua side of the Peñas Blancas border.
The Peñas Blancas border with Nicaragua. Photo from files.

In order to protect Costa Rican tourists of any capricious or unreasonable acts by Nicaraguan authorities, the Foreign Ministry (Cancielleria in Spanish) asks travelers to report to authorities before leaving Costa Rica for travel to Nicaragua.

The objective is to have knowledge of the immigration status of Costa Ricans in the neighbouring country and their return to home soil, according to Gustavo Campos, an official of the Consular Section of the Foreign Ministry .

The idea of (travellers) advising the Foreign Ministry is so that it can offer consular assistance in case of arrest in Nicaragua, also advising nationals on what cannot be done in that country to avoid legal problems there.

The travel advisory fo Costa Ricans travelling to Nicaragua has been in place since the last quarter of 2015, when Nicaragua closed its borders to Cuban migrants, and now with the new assertions this week by the Ortega administration of Nicaragua’s claim on the Isla Bolaños located in the Pacific ocean, in Costa Rican territory.

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