Agentes del OIJ de Cañas, con el apoyo de autoridades de otros puntos de Guanacaste y de San José, realizaron allanamientos en las viviendas de los sospechosos ayer, en horas de la mañana, en ese cantón. | JULIO SEGURA.
Police provide support to OIJ agents in Cañas (Guanacaste) and other locations around the country in the nine raids to take down the criminal gang that targeted mainly tourists. | JULIO SEGURA, La Nacion

The Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) agents have been tracking for weeks a criminal gang targeting mainly tourists and businesses in Guanacaste and the Southern Zone.

In a series of nine raids, judicial agents believe to have detained all the members of the gang, that included a couple operating a “compra y venta” (pawnshop) in downtown San José, that took in and re-sold the stolen merchandise.

The raids included areas in Guanacaste, Tilarán (near the La Fortuna and Arenal volcano), Patarrá and Torremolinos (Desamparados), Río Azul de La Unión de Cartago and various areas in the Southern Zone, all areas frequented by tourists to Costa Rica.

Apparently the gang has been active since March 2013.

Most complaints received by the OIJ were from robberies in homes of foreigners,  taking mostly electronics like TVs, computers, tablets, and camcorders.

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