El flujo migratorio en el puesto fronterizo de Peñas Blancas, Nicaragua, aumentó a 7 mil por día esto debido a que nicaragüenses que laboran en los países del sur retornan a su nación para pasar con sus familias en estas fechas navideñas. FOTO JAIRO CAJINA

Foreigners lining up at border crossing at Peñas Blancas (Nicaragua side). Nicaraguans make up the single largest group of foreigners living and working (legally and illegally) in Costa Rica. | FOTO JAIRO CAJINA

A report by Costa Rica’s immigration service dispels the myth that foreigners are a burden to the country’s social security and come to the country to commit crimes.

According to the research, Costa Rica is the country in the region with the largest number of migrants, which is currently 380.000.

Security Minister, Mario Zamora (and former director of immigration) confirmed that this population, representing 12% of the total population, has bot been a problem for the country’s security.

“We don’t see the immigrations as the cause of insecurity. The foreigner population commits less offences in terms of percentages”, said Zamora.

The minister added that Costa Rica’s technological tools at the borders and links to Interpol helps the country keep undesirables out.

The report also indicates that only 6% of foreigners use the services of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS).

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