Former Guatemala's president Otto Perez
Former Guatemala’s president Otto Perez

Guatemala City – (Prensa Latina) Former President Otto Pérez Molina appeared Friday before Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez, who sent him to the capital barracks Matamoros due to the risk of scape and to ensure the physical integrity of Pérez Molina, who is being accused of corruption.

In declarations to reporters, the former president promised that on Friday he will make see the judge his views to have enough arguments.

Pérez Molina discarded to have requested political asylum and felt that if he had, a country would have granted it to him

Representatives of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (Cicig) and the Public Ministry (MP) presented on Thursday, more than 30 wiretaps that explained the modus operandi of the criminal group La Línea.

One of the recordings corresponds to November 3, 2014, when Pérez Molina and the head of the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT), Carlos Muñoz, hold a telephone conversation.

In the audio is evident that the former leader is interested in changing the head of Human Resources at the SAT and order Muñoz to choose whoever he wanted for the position, but ‘get it done already and make the changes’.

The general is accused of leading La Línea, network dedicated to divert millions of dollars in customs, in which are involved both Muñoz as Omar Franco, who replaced him in office in January this year.

Maldonado yesterday became the ninth president of the so called democratic era the Central American country, which began in 1985 after several governments and military dictatorships.

Maldonado sworn in Congress, declared he asked all his cabinet members to leave their positions available, specifying that on Monday will he announce substantial changes in this regard.

The meeting convened by the head of state will be a day after the celebration of general elections in Guatemala, which will be developed in the midst of a deep political crisis and high chances that abstention prevails.

Maldonado replaced Roxana Baldetti as Vice President, who resigned this month, and who is also involved in the case La Línea, according to evidence revealed by the MP and CICIG.

The magistrate Gálvez dictated prison against Baldetti, accused of passive bribery, conspiracy and special case of fraud.

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