The Frente Amplio (FA) paid said Thursday that a possible agreement with President-elect Carlos Alvarado to form a government of national unity could be reached on condition that common features must be shared by their mutual programs.

At the request of Alvarado, members of FA’s Executive Committee, led by its president Patricia Mora and legislator-elect Jose Maria Villalta, held a meeting with representatives of Alvarado’s negotiating team, led by vice president-elect Epsy Campbell.

The Frente Amplio will have only one legislative seat for the next four years come May 8, when the new government and Legislative Assembly is sworn in.

The details of the working guidelines of the unity were not made public, and according to the information released by FA, both parties created working groups to assess similarities and differences on various issues, targeting some documents such as the government programs of each party.

Another issue is the discussion of the National Agreement signed by the nine parties with current representation in the Legislative Assembly in 2017, which includes commitments and minimum consensus at a national level.

‘Frente Amplio would support all measures that strengthen the social nature of the country, both those that have their origin in the party itself and those that come from other parties, but coincide with the party’s program,’ said Mora.

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