A couple of months ago, Victoria Elizabeth Rovira Hernández (23 years old) made an application to the Civil Registry with the purpose of requesting a change of name, in accordance with the amendment approved by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) in May.

After a long wait, he received the approval by email where the change of name becomes official, going from Josué to Victoria.

After learning of the news, Josué decided to publish on social the networks where he expressed his happiness at the decision, where he received comments in support.

“Vicky”, a speaker and fighter of human rights, conducts talks around the country regarding communication and discrimination.

“I look in the mirror and I envy myself, that I cannot be more beautiful. I mean, how can they say to me I’m a man in disguise? Some men wish they could look this good.”

However, Victoria is not the first Costa Rican to obtain a change. As reported by the TSE at least 107 transsexuals obtained the name change and another some 190 applications have been received.

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