One of life’s great pleasures is meeting up and spending time with a bunch of close friends. It’s an opportunity to let yourself relax and be natural, have a good natter, and solve the world’s problems over a glass of wine. Or maybe you prefer to let your hair down and dance the night away at a club. People tend to slip into a routine of how they spend their leisure time, sticking to the usual social events and rarely trying anything new.

You could say if it isn’t broken, does it need fixing? The answer is, not as such; but you could be missing out on some first-class fun and enriching experiences if you never leave your comfort zone.

Take up a challenge together

If you’ve never tried a locked room mystery, then this is a truly fun way to spend an afternoon. Escape Room role-playing games immerse you and your friends in a fictional situation like a museum heist or place you in a tropical island location for example, where you have to solve a set of clues to find the way out. This is a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon together, and there are many alternative themes to choose from so you should find a scenario that suits everyone’s tastes. As well as locked room mystery experiences, there are other kinds of group activities that might appeal for a friends’ day out. Assault courses for the active groups or a trip to a theme park, are exciting ways to spend time together but do make sure that the activity you choose is something everyone will want to take part in before committing to it.

Raise money for good causes

Charity events and races are becoming ever more popular, especially for amateurs who wouldn’t want to compete seriously, but like the idea of running at their own pace, reaching the finish line, and raising money for good causes. If you study the behavior of people taking part in these events, you’ll see how happy they are, and they will tell you how rewarding it’s been. Becoming fit enough to enter a race takes time and motivation, and is far easier to achieve if you train with a few friends. If running doesn’t appeal, there are plenty of other methods of getting involved, from cycling, swimming, and mountain-climbing to baking, quiz nights, and board games, so there will be something you can all do together that appeals to everyone. You will need to prepare for these events properly and make sure that the company organizing the event is legitimate before getting involved, but this is a great way to have fun with your friends, get fit, or learn a new skill, and raise money for good causes all at the same time.

Time spent with good friends is precious, and you should make the most of it. If you want to try something a bit different there are plenty of ways to find activities and places to visit that will provide an ideal backdrop for a wonderful day out.

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