Islas Galapagos (Galapagos Island)
Islas Galapagos (Galapagos Island)

(Prensa Latina) With the documentary, Galapagos, Islands in Evolution, released today, Ecuador will show the diversity and beauty of the species that live there.

The documentary is narrated by the famous Spanish songwriter and singer Miguel Bosé, who tours the biodiversity of the Wolf and Darwin islands, home to the largest biomass of sharks in the world and the only one with a migration of pregnant whale sharks.

The president of Equador, Rafael Correa, and his counterparts from Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis, will attend the premiere of the documentary, which was made by the International channel The National Geographic, as part of its project Pristine Seas.

The presence of the three leaders in the territory, which is one of the best preserved worldwide natural areas, is due to the signing of an act which seals the maritime boundaries between their countries.

An act which was achieved through diplomatic channels, without dispute or through international courts.

Recently the foreign minister, Guillaume Long, described the meeting as historic, since Ecuador already has set its borders by land and sea.

Last August, Galapagos received the decoration of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) for the preservation of their environment.

Ecuadorian authorities expect that about 500 million people can enjoy the documentary about the world’s largest marine reserve.

For the shooting in 2015, a Deep Sea underwater vehicle was used, which allowed the filming of the ocean depths, more than 400 meters under water.

Located 972 kilometers from the coast of Ecuador, Galapagos is made up of thirteen large islands, six smaller islands and 42 tiny ones.

The archipelago owes its name to the giant tortoises living there and is also known for the studies conducted there by the English naturalist Charles Darwin, which served to establish his theory of evolution of species by natural selection.

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